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"Fiona Joy Hawkins’ BLUE DREAM began as the most ambitious project of my entire career and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known. The scope of what we contemplated in the beginning was so vast as to be nearly paralyzing, but with Fiona’s talent, both as a composer and player, and a group of musicians of world-class caliber, a 67:50 suite of music resulted. The music itself spans a broad range of styles and ethnicities and yet (though we didn’t know whether we’d succeed until the very end) is magically cohesive. It works! Never has faith been more rewarded. In the process we restored meaning to a word which has been sorely abused; Blue Dream is unique and I’m as proud of it (and Fiona) as anything I’ve ever worked on in my 35 year career of Grammy Awards and gold and platinum records."

Will Ackerman Windham County, Vermont 2008

Fiona Joy Hawkins is Chillin' at the Top of the New Age World, Hitting #1 on NAR's Top 100 Chart With Her Groundbreaking 'Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled'

NEW YORK, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- No need to adjust the thermostat -- Fiona Joy Hawkins is enjoying a wild ride through various exciting climates with Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled, the latest release on the innovative Australian based pianist/composer's Little Hartley Music label that is currently the hottest new age album in the world.

The collection is currently ranked #1 on New Age Reporter's Top 100 New Age/Ambient/World Radio/Internet Airwaves Chart.

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Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled..
Little Hartley Music (2008)

There's nothing like getting the new year off to an energizing start, something which pianist/keyboardist Fiona Joy Hawkins does on Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled, an album that sets the bar mighty high for 2008 chill-out recordings. I was caught completely unawares by this dramatic about-face from her previous release, Angel Above My Piano, which was more of a "traditional" new age piano/electronic keyboard recording. Ice... literally bursts out of the gate running flat-out and never looks back, ushering in Hawkins as an immediate contemporary of artists like Ryan Farish (whose music this resembles at times) and Amethystium. However, this is no mere Enigma knock off, no sir. Thanks to the complementary talents of guitarist Dieter Kleeman, didgeridoo player Michael Jackson, and Dave Hopper's bass, Ice… is a full-on chill-out assault, at times amping it up and letting the sparks fly with stinging guitar leads and passionate didge playing (Hawkins hails from down under, hence the didge's presence).

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Review Bill Binkelman - 04-01-2009 FIONA JOY HAWKINS
Blue Dream
Little Hartley Music (2008)

For a 180 degree turnaround from her electronica CD Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled (released earlier this year), Australia’s Fiona Joy Hawkins journeyed halfway around the world, teamed up with super-producer Will Ackerman in his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont and recorded the jaw-dropping Blue Dream, a tour de force for both artist and producer. Comprised of 22 tracks (!!!), the album is Hawkins’ “most personal piece of music I have written yet,” and is literally “autobiographical” (per her liner notes). She refers to the album as a “piece” of music because, while there are indeed 22 “cuts” on the CD, the music flows unendingly throughout, the segues from fast pieces to slow meditations handled seamlessly yet with clear delineations, so that a listener who goes to selected tracks will not notice the lack of spacing yet someone who plays the album all the way through will discover a “whole” greater than the sum of its parts. This is just one of many allures of Blue Dream, a landmark recording for Hawkins and yet another feather in Will Ackerman’s cap!

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Indie Music stop - CD Review - November 8, 2007

WBZ Radio - The Jordan Rich Show - June 29, 2007
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Sydney Morning Herald - CD Review - April 23, 2007
Blue Mountains Gazette - 16-11-2005
press release 2005 11 16 Fiona's Talents are in Demand May 10 2006 June 21 2006
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Artist's Palette - INSIGHT - A Passionate Colourist
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Artist's Palette - DEMONSTRATION - Seascape Three
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