Photo Albums – Concerts

China Concert Tour 2019

Three weeks, 11 Concerts.

Nashville Concert 2018

Analog at Hutton, FLO performed with guest opener Debra Lynn & Band (Thanks to Jeff Silverman). Photos still coming in….. Thanks to Troyce Walls and Seay for photo contributions

China Concert Touring Photos – 2015 and 2016

Photos comprise three tours to China
1) May 2015: 11 days, 6 Cities
2) Oct 2015: 3 Concerts for Universities Schools
3) Aug 2016: 10 concerts.

Solo piano/ vocals 80 minutes. The Chinese audiences were delightful and enthusiastic, fortunately I had a translator onstage so I could talk to the audience. The children were adorable and many are learning the piano – its making a come-back! The media call me the Piano Angel – I kind of like that! LOL