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Fiona Joy Hawkins is an Australian Pianist, Composer and Singer

I believe music is a gift from another world, from ancestors of the past communicating to inspire and give us hope.

Music is a universal language that connects us without prejudice, it speaks to us all equally, yet is received with great variation.

My wish is to open a few more hearts to the power of music.

Now more than ever we need the connection to our past in order to find the pathway to our future.
Fiona Joy Hawkins

Thank you for the concerts. Your music has been a highlight of this quarantine period
(Live-stream concert fan)

“The feel of Fiona’s music brings back to mind the wonderful years of Windham Hill”
David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback


Moving Through WorldsMoving Through Worlds, Music for this moment…. A Piano journey that finds joy

Moving Through Worlds is an exploration of ‘now’… water, fire, climate change, survival, and the vanishing of souls into the wind.


I love creating and sharing music. If you have enjoyed a concert or would like to contribute, I’ll use it to keep my piano tuned so I can continue to play online concerts.


License directly for Film/TV: all Fiona Joy Hawkins titles self published. Email for information at:

Calling County Clare – Fiona Joy Hawkins
More Information including Playlist…

Best LIVE Performances: Fiona Joy OFFICIAL

Grace – Fiona Joy (Hawkins)

Interwoven Threads of Chance – Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel

Heavenly Voices – Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel

One of the brightest lights in the New Age genre, Fiona Joy is poised to move into stardom.
Will Ackerman (Founder Windham Hill Records)

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“What I appreciated most was being able to listen and watch Fiona at the piano.
The passion and elegance in
her performance was breathtaking, as her flawless technique combined with pure emotional expression.” 

– Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus 


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15 hours ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

Today I decided to gift a FREE download for 'Somewhere (Solo)' Just click the free download tab and you will have the song on your computer.
Take it easy friends and do something nice for yourself today - I'm making a good cup of coffee and listening to music while patting the cat. Life is so short and every moment counts. Enjoy!
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What is on my mind? …US Guns problems.

Australia has its own political issues but at least when parents here pick up kids from school they are still alive.

I’ve said it before and many argue (your arguments are losing ground) - no-one and I mean NO-ONE without a license and a legit reason should have a gun. It’s time America!
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It's not entirely a gun issue, those guns incredible were bought legally by an 18 year old. The issue is a people problem, the loose nut behind the trigger. I have several , for personal and home protection. None of them have injured or killed anyone. Our 2nd Amendment of our Constitution guarantees our right to carry and bear arms. Gun laws don't work , period. More implementation of screening and training will go a long way. More officers in schools need to happen as well, and more training for teachers to carry would be useful as well.

If there were no guns, then people wouldn’t get shot. There is always the argument that farmers need them, and some people use them as a hobby and they definitely need to have a special license but other than that the bottom line is if people can’t get guns they can’t shoot anyone, simple America !

america is founded on guns (freedom) and a church-free philosophy. change gun laws or take them away- america falls apart. time for what? chaos?

Nothing will change Dear and in my opinion if you need to take a gun with you when you go out you are a coward.

2 days ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

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3 days ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

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I made a sculpture like that once of a grand piano out of balsa wood. It was very small and made one feel like you were up on the balcony, just like this. Play some music and it seemed so real!



4 days ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

New single and video out today. I hope you enjoy Song Phonique (Solo) ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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7 days ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

I love it when you can spend all day in Pyjamas- right through to wine time! #pyjamapiano #pianopractice #pianoplayer ... See MoreSee Less

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Very neat, Love early mornings or late nights at the Piano in pj's.

Watched my "birthday video" from you yesterday, played it for a friend. That was so touching and lovely ... and I'm so happy you finished it and put it out there. We miss you! <3

l love her music for such long time

Yyyaaayyyy, everybody needs a pyjama day👍❤️



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1 week ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins

Now on Soundcloud... ... See MoreSee Less

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<3 <3

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