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fionajoymusic Peekaboo backstage. Feeling the love at Jiaxing Theatre. #pianoangel
fionajoymusic Peekaboo backstage. Sound check Jiaxing China.
fionajoymusic Peekaboo backstage - Jianxing China
fionajoymusic Please enjoy my Signature Synchronicity Album Trailer...
fionajoymusic Whilst touring China I received a review in a Spanish newspaper by Roberto Vales from Ultimo Fronteira Radio.
fionajoymusic Backstage With my sister after the concert in Wenzhou China.
fionajoymusic Peekaboo backstage; about to go back out for my final encore. Wenzhou China #pianoangel
fionajoymusic With the Wenzhou Theatre host - about to go on stage...
fionajoymusic Tonight's venue in Wenzhou China... On stage in 30 mins