Fiona Joy

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fionajoyhawkins Running out the door now, so pleased the cat remembered to pack himself. :)
fionajoyhawkins R.I.P. My laptop finally died...... four hard years of servitude. I'm now facing two weeks away working with a...
fionajoyhawkins Woohoo. Finished the last track of the new album. Two versions, one due Oct with Blue Coast Records (solo) and...
fionajoyhawkins So proud to have my song Grace on a No 1 Album on BILLBOARD. Woohooo
fionajoyhawkins TODAY: Recording Invisible Train. Album title is Signature.
fionajoyhawkins 5 songs recorded on the Stuart and Son's piano...... 4 to go. 2 on Keyboard.
fionajoyhawkins 20% Off CD/SACD/Vinyl for Top Piano album 600 Years in a Moment. Use promo code SNAPROMO14

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