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fionajoyhawkins I had forgotten how busy this year has been...
fionajoyhawkins Its the countdown to the release of Signature - Solo. My first solo album and Blue Coast Records first Double...
fionajoyhawkins WOOHOO on tour:Fiona Fiona Joy & Trysette. Hope to catch some of you at a concert.
fionajoyhawkins So excited, two new videos coming soon!
fionajoyhawkins This feels like a million years ago. Younger, thinner, much greener....... always good to know where you started!
fionajoyhawkins The Fluffster can't help himself - he has to be where the action is. Kevin Hunt from Sydney Conservatorium of...
fionajoyhawkins @mpesce Thanks Mark pleased there are a few pirates out there still.
fionajoyhawkins The Fluffster is the first in position for tonights house concert with Kevin Hunt.
fionajoyhawkins Is it true its International Talk Like a Pirate Day?
fionajoyhawkins Amazing that terrorism has found a place in Australia. Today a number of people were arrested for funding the...

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