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Best New Age music artist 2013


To quote Suzanne Doucet on the New Age Music Circle; “There’s so many talented artists in New Age music today.” To choose one as this year’s best artist is hard – but not impossible. In fact, the name of the chosen artist came up almost instantly as a strong candidate to the title.

Fiona Joy Hawkins has been selected as Best New Age Artist 2013 by New Age Stars Radio.

Even though she has only been active since 2005 (in a genre where most major stars debuted in the early 1980s or before), Fiona Joy Hawkins has already given us much incredible music. Or perhaps I should say enJOYable music? I know I talk on behalf of all her many fans when I say that her music is filled with joy and positive energy.

This Australia-born artist is a fantastic representative for the new generation of New Age music artists; she’s talented, highly creative and unafraid of the genre’s reputation. In fact, when listening to her music one can’t help thinking; if only the people who think badly of New Age music heard this!

If you are new to Fiona’s music you can’t go wrong with any of the below albums. I enjoy the rhythm of Slightly Chilled, the playfulness of An Angel Above My Piano or the depth of the latest release, 600 Years In A Moment. It is simply great music. Enjoy!


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