Fiona Joy

10 February, 2015 11:24AM AEDT

Fiona's Grammy joy

By Fi Poole

Kendall musician Fiona Joy and her hugely popular song Grace contributes to the Grammy Award winning album, Winds of Samsara.


Pianist and composer Fiona Joy had just got back to her hotel room, when she received the news that an album she had contributed to had won a Grammy Award.

Fiona wrote the track Grace for Indian/South African duo Ricky Kej and the Melbourne-based Wouter Kellerman.

To her delight their album, Winds of Samsara, won Best New Age Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

"I was in my pyjamas when I thought I better check my computer," she said.

"When I opened my inbox there were hundreds of emails from all over the world.

"SBS, Fairfax, News ltd, everyone knew before I did," she said.

Fiona was thrilled to have taken out the prestigious award, and with her solo album due for release in two months, the timing could not be better.

"I've driven my career for eleven years and it's only in the last six months that my career has started to drive me," she said.

"It's great to finally have everything fall into place."

Classically trained, Fiona Joy has released nine albums and runs her own independent label Little Hartley Music.

A new version of her song Grace will feature on the album Signature, which is due for release in April.

"I think I just want to have permission to keep writing music, and you only have that permission if everybody likes what you're doing," she said.

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