Fiona Joy

Indie Music stop - CD Review - November 8, 2007

WBZ Radio - The Jordan Rich Show - June 29, 2007
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Sydney Morning Herald - CD Review - April 23, 2007
Blue Mountains Gazette - 16-11-2005
press release 2005 11 16 Fiona's Talents are in Demand May 10 2006 June 21 2006
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Artist's Palette - INSIGHT - A Passionate Colourist
A Passionate Colourist A Passionate Colourist-Page 2 A Passionate Colourist-Page 3 A Passionate Colourist-Page 4
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Artist's Palette - DEMONSTRATION - Seascape Three
Seascape Three - Page 1 Seascape Three - Page 2 Seascape Three - Page 3 Seascape Three - Page 8
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