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fionajoymusic One of the jobs I get given. Answer, pass on, acknowledge. Its called tweetdeck.
fionajoymusic beautiful work @chelsea_comeau if you ever want to record piano at IRS message me.
fionajoymusic RT @jameswneal: Nice to discover new music. Here ls one from @chelsea_comeau Reminds me a bit of @fionajoymusic v…
fionajoymusic RT @jameswneal: @FLOWTheGroup has brought together videos from its members. Interesting stuff from @fionajoymusic
fionajoymusic RT @jameswneal: @chelsea_comeau @fionajoymusic @YouTube your work reminds me a lot of artists I know who were with Windham Hill or now Imag…
fionajoymusic RT @jameswneal: @chelsea_comeau @fionajoymusic @YouTube Chelsea, several of them came together. Here’s their YouTube channel.
fionajoymusic RT @jameswneal: @chelsea_comeau @fionajoymusic @YouTube Also @KoriLCarothers who I know listened to your work this AM when I brought it to…
fionajoymusic I adore the @LisaDowning version of Sad Lisa. I'm going to see Cat Stevens in Australian in December :)